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BOGA Stand Up Paddle Boards - Surftech Shootout

BOGA Team riders Ben Sarrazin, Jen Fuller, Dino Wilson and Dave Meyler take home medals at this years Surftech shootout race in Santa Cruz.

 Conditions proved challenging once again for the 2012 Stand Up Paddle Boards Surftech Shootout at Cowells Beach/Steamer Lane. With huge swell, rain and strong offshore winds only experienced paddlers set the stage to battle the rough course.   In a repeat of last year, racers shot off the line in large shore break, several racers were pushed back on their large race boards in the surf while Anthony Vela raced into the lead with BOGA racer Ben Sarrazin close behind.  Team rider Jen Fuller was caught in the huge shore break and started out in dead last place, but managed to move through the pack over the 6 mile course to take and impressive 3rd place behind Candice’s win and ahead of many Elite male riders in the class.  Meanwhile Ben Sarrazin managed the lead position and made it to shore in first place on the finish.  At this point Iron Man Anthony Vela used his running skills to pass Sarrazin on the beach before the finish line.  Ben settled for a strong 2nd place in the Elite class.  

BOGA owners and team riders Dave Meyler and Dino Wilson place 1st and 2nd respectively in the short course race.  A good time was had by all and we look forward to next years event!.  Congrats to team BOGA for a amazing performance against the worlds best paddlers.