In Introduction to the BOGA Paddle Board Company

At Boga, we live and breathe Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  If we are not out on the water riding our boards we are here working hard designing the next best board shape and paddle so you can.  Our sport, a gift from the ancient Polynesians,  has been spread by rider's passion across the globe. Our team is part of the passionate Stand Up Paddleboard movement  taking our exciting sport to new extremes in SUP racing, surfing and recreation.  All of us at BOGA race SUP's, Surf and enjoy sharing our SUP stoke and Aloha with our families and communities.  When you get a BOGA you are getting the board we win Races on, Surf on and Paddle with our friends on.  We are happy to share our designs with you and know that when our riders at the highest levels of competition are happy, you will be also!  

It is our goal at to offer an affordable, high quality line of boards designed to meet the widest range of use in today's most popular paddleboard disciplines.  Our line of boards feature the high quality construction, performance and value which riders of all levels should demand.   Whether you cruise lakes or surf, the Boga team has designed a quality board and paddle to meet your needs.  

All our Stand Up Paddleboards were designed in Northern California and manufactured overseas from one of the surf industry's top board factories in order to bring the best combination of performance and price.  All our boards are shaped from high quality EPS blanks with and the highest quality carbon, glass and bamboo available.   These are not Pop-out boards, they are hand finished, sanded,  glassed and then polished to perfection.  We take pride in the quality of our products and as such, all Boga paddle boards are backed with a 90 day warranty due to manufacturers defects.   We paddle what we build at BOGA and will only offer the best shape and quality.  


What is the Construction Technology used for Boga Stand Up Paddle Boards?

First a little primer on board construction.  Paddle Boards are commonly made in one of two ways, a molded PVC Stringerless "Pop Out" type Epoxy construction or a Lightweight EPS Core + Wood Stringer + Hand glassed construction.  Both have their benefits, Pop Outs can be made faster in large factories, can be lighter weight but are also very stiff for most surfers/paddlers taste. Lightweight EPS Core + Wood Stringer Boards on the other hand provide more traditional longitudinal flex and since they have a stringer (wood through the board middle) they are less prone to twist breaks, snapping etc.  Both are valid constructions for their perspective markets and as  avid paddlers we have both kinds of boards in our personal  board quiver.   For Boga we wanted the feel of a custom shaped board with a wood stringer but also demanded the extra durability requirements of a Stand Up Paddle Board.

For this we came up with E11 Epoxy Construction,  the next level of epoxy performance based construction which contains the benefits of flex and extended durability. We use only the highest quality cloth, resin and 1.5lbs EPS to ensure you get a board that looks and feels just like a traditional surfboard only stronger and lighter. All boards are Vacuum bagged wood sandwich construction (using bamboo, even painted boards).  Boards have a PVC stringer for extra strength and PVC re-enforced fin boxes.  Wonder why you see boards selling for $700-$800?? Because they don't build them the correct way, they are not vacuum bagged construction, have no re-enforced wood construction or PVC fin boxes, etc,  all these features cost money but are important when considering the quality and longevity of a board.  

What is the Warranty on Boga Paddleboards?

Boga products  are made from the highest quality and standards in the industry.  We are confident in our quality and are happy to extend our confidence with a 90 day warranty.  Any products that don't meet the quality guidelines of our warranty within the warranty period will be replaced with a new product, or similar model product if not available, minus shipping.  Feel free to call us or email for details. Please note that warranty does not cover damages caused by impact, sun exposure or excessive heat.  We stand behind our products 100%  

Do Boga Boards have Air Vents?  What is the purpose of an Air Vent?

Like all top quality manufacturers, all Boga Paddle Boards have Air Vents.  Our vents are conveniently located near the center on the top deck for easy out of the way use.  The purpose of the vent is to release pressurized air from within the EPS foam core of the board.  Air pressure can build up (or decrease) internally when going up/down in elevation or under direct sunlight. The Air Screw device allows the air to get out thereby saving your board from potential issues caused as a result of this pressure (imagine how the sealed hard exterior epoxy shell feels about a increase and decrease in pressure over time).  Our Air Vents are GORE USA made products that DO NOT NEED TO BE REMOVED.  They are self regulating (allow for air to move in and out without opening).  Just rinse the vent area with water when you wash off your boards to keep salt water from crusting up the system.  


How do I care for my BOGA?

*Please Read!  It’s for your board and own good.

The EPS foam core your SUP board is constructed of can expand and contract when subjected to extreme temperatures and/or direct sunlight.  The automatic release valve is designed to limit this expansion by allowing the gases to escape and keep your board safe from damage.  Your release valve is “care free” and requires no maintenance or adjustment. 

The Golden Rule:

Keep out of direct sunlight when not in use - If it’s a hot sunny day don’t let your SUP bake in the sun on land for any period of time!

Please follow these simple tips to ensure a long life for your board


  1. Do not store or transport your board enclosed in bubble wrap.  Any form of sunlight coming in contact with the bubble wrap creates a green house effect and will bake your board in minutes.
  2. Store in a well ventilated area where the temperature will not change rapidly and will not exceed 55-85 degrees.
  3. NEVER, leave your board chill’n on land in direct sunlight for ANY length of time when its not in use. This includes on your car.  Keep it in the shade at all times or in a sun reflective board bag.

Most importantly get to know your board.  If it feels like it is getting hot, it probably is so get it in a cooler area.  These boards are of course meant to be used and enjoyed in the outdoors and in the sun. With a little care you will have no problems and your SUP will provide years and years of fun.


How do I order a BOGA Paddleboard?

BOGA goes to great lenghts to support our hard working retail shops around the world.  As such we do not SELL DIRECT ONLINE.  We do have many dealer throughout the USA and the world.  Use our contact form to contact us for a shop near you.  We also have prefered online dealers if we cannot locate a physical dealer near you!